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Статьи, опубликованные только в Russian J. of Genetics, № 6 – 2018 г.

Cold Temperature Regulation of Zoospore Release in Phytophthora sojae: the Ggenes that Differentially Expressed by Cold Temperature
Y. Wang, X. Jin, H. Rui, T. Liu, J. Hou       Pages 618-628

High Diversity of mtDNA Haplotypes Confirms Syntopic Occurrence of Two Field Mouse Species Apodemus uralensis and A. witherbyi (Muridae: Apodemus) in Armenia
V. Balasanyan, E. Yavruyan, B. Somerová, A. Abramjan, E. Landová, P. Munclinger, D. Frynta       Pages 687-697